Crystal Equinox

Name's Cali. Art & Photography major. Currently surviving on tea and wifi.

Well I just ordered my Mirai Kuriyama (wig, uniform, sweater, and glasses) and now I’m just waiting for the wig for Krista and I have to get the pants and little skirt thing.  


After I had multiple art pieces censored out of both my school literary magazine and my senior art show, my friend decided to do something about it and now we are trying to get an art showcase for student artwork that had been censored (mainly by schools) if this applies to you, please contact me!!!!
This is very important to us and the art world, school systems are restricting showing student art publicly merely because they believe it is”too controversial” pieces that could be shown in college or in other areas (not parts of the Southern USA like where I live.)!

Why hello all you lovely followers! <3